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Live sex with SusanJewel

Posted by Smokie T on March 6th, 2016

Somehow she even managed to speak perfect English with no accent in the non sexual version. The reason Suzy makes her way to my dreams so often is the fact that she is a true dream girl. She has the sweet sexy look of the girl next door as well as one of the finest bodies you will ever see.

What a babe

So what to expect in a private show with SusanJewel? Expect to see one amazingly hot camgirl for starters. Once you are in the private chat room, you are the director. Tell her what you want and be prepared to see one hell of a show. I like to have her so some sexy dancing to get things warmed up. Once she starts stripping and heading towards the bed your cock will be throbbing for her. If you want to c2c with her, she will show your cock so much love you are at risk of blowing your load before you even get to see her perfect bald pussy. On her back, pussy facing the camera, gives you one of the best visuals you have ever seen.

You get to see that sexy face, those perfect perky tits. Not too big, not too small and topped off with perfect nipples to suck and nibble on. By now she has spread her legs and is working on her dildo. She’s not taking it all the way yet. She teases her lips with the head then sucks her juicy goodness off and teases a bit more. She starts thrusting the purple cock a little deeper and a little faster before she takes the full length of her toy into her warm moist pussy. Don’t forget, you are the director. If you want her in this position until you both blow she will accommodate. Any way you look at this girl she is hot. I like to get her in doggy for a while to get a good view of that fine ass and her tight little asshole. By now I’m ready to blow and we reach orgasmic bliss together.

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Final thoughts

There is not much more that needs to be said. This camgirl is over the top hot, head to toe perfection. You may want to sign up for your free membership so when you visit her in free chat. Without the account you are in there as a guest with is perfectly fine, however so many guests hang out in the camgirls rooms and beg for a free show so many of the models ignore the guests and chat with the members.

I hope you enjoyed a the hot sexiness that is SusanJewel. Go ahead and hit the Tweet, Like, Stumble and whatever other active icons are below. Bookmark us and check back often for more reviews and updates.

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Live sex webcam model AnnaBuum

Posted by Smokie T on January 14th, 2016

Annabuum is one of Hornynudecams premier webcam models. This blonde babe hails from Romania and has the sweet look of the girl next door and the body of a sex goddess. Her private shows are absolutely amazing. Here is a list of what she is willing to perform in her private shows.

Webcam Model Annabuum

See anything you’d be interested in? I have been to quite of Annabuum‘s live sex show‘s and have gone through that list many times. Wow!!! This girl is absolutely amazing on live cam. That fine ass looks crazy hot in doggy style with a dildo taking care of either or both holes.

I give AnnaBuum 5 stars all around. Her stunning beauty, her amazing body and her willingness to please makes her one of the top models on Hornynudecams. I recommend you click here and sign up for your free membership (includes 10 free private teasers) and visit AnnaBuum or any of her sexy friends in free chat. As a bonus, Hornynudecams is offering a 30% discount on your first credit purchase. (Use discount code monaxxx)


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Live sex chat with MonaXXX

Posted by Smokie T on October 5th, 2015

The first time I chatted with MonaXXX on HornyNudeCams in free chat it was easy to see she is a very beautiful girl. Absolutely gorgeous with big brown eyes and a sexy sweet smile. She almost seemed too sweet and innocent for the wild cam sex I was in the mood for. So even though she is insanely pretty with a fantastic body, I almost passed on her to find a dirty girl. Luckily I had a change of heart and decided to give the sweet girl a chance. This innocent looking little Romanian girl taught me not to assume too much.

Once in private her sweet smile took on a more sinister look and as she started to strip I knew I was in for a much more intense show than I anticipated. Once this sexy camgirl got naked I was throbbing and ready for her. Her sexy ass looked amazing in doggy and her tight little shaved pussy would feel amazing wrapped tightly around my cock. The transformation from sweet innocent little girl to smoking hot wild live sex babe was nothing short of amazing.

If you are looking for a hot live sex show or even some c2c action Monaxxx is a great choice and I highly recommend visiting her private chat room. Now would be a good time to head over to Hornynudecams and sign up for your free membership. As a little bonus when you sign up for a free membership you get 10 free private sneak peek teasers. With your free membership you can visit Monaxxx (or any of her sexy friends) in free chat and get to know her.


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Webcam model - means of seduction

The advent of internet and social media has given communication a new meaning. Nowadays you can have a live conference with people from all over the world at the touch of a single button. This has determined many hot, beautiful women to try their hand at webcam modeling. A simple online search will reveal thousands of escorts that use video technology to advertise their beauty and earn money for it. These hot girls are renowned for their high skills of seduction and for having lengthy lists of paying clients.

Webcam erotica

In recent years internet porn has met a powerful rival that challenges its online supremacy: videochat escorts. Classic online erotica has a static nature and a one-sided implication, that of the client. On the other side, video streaming is an explicit form of communication where the customer pays good money to be entertained by a live model of his choice. This business has rapidly grown in the virtual world and many women practice it in a professional studio or from the comforts of their own homes.

How online escorts work

This profession is quite easy to practice. A hot Los Angeles escort like those from only needs a webcam and a steady internet connection to advertise her body to the entire world. All she has to do is to flirt with the men who show their interest by accessing her channel. When guys want to get some extra action like a peep show or explicit sexual activity, they pay a supplementary fee and they get a private show with the sexy model.

Video seduction at its best

Many models from the Escort Directory that used to date directly with their clients now practice webcam modeling. Their entire experience with flirting and seduction is put to good use in their new activity. This helps them build a large following of paying customers who are more than willing to buy daily erotic shows. This practice is perfectly legal in numerous countries as it does not represent a form of prostitution – a Los Angeles escort decides what she does in front of her webcam and how far she can go with her clients.

How to pay for videochat companions

Many men avoid accessing the services of online escorts out of fear of being scammed. However, with the great number of companies that practice this legal activity, such a scenario is very unlikely to happen. In order to interact with a sexy model of your choice all you have to do is to log into one of the many websites that offer these services. In exchange for a reasonable fee you can speak to as many companions as you like for an unlimited period of time. If you want to see a private viewing of one of your favorite models you pay a pre-negotiated price and enjoy the show.

Become a virtual model

It is quite easy for any girl to become a Los Angeles escort and a webcam model at the same time. Many professional studios hire women of legal age even if they are not breathtaking beauties. All that is required for them is to be communicative, to know how to flirt and to seduce their clients into paying for more private shows.


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