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I’m just an average ordinary perv living an amazing extraordinary life.

Several months ago, on a cold winter evening enjoying a few rum and cola’s and possibly some herb, I got the bright idea to start a blog. Seems like an easy enough task and it might be fun. Hmmm…. What to blog about? Nothing came to mind immediately so I did what any normal person would do Goggled “how to chose a blog topic”. So after viewing several pages (most of them blogs) it was narrowed down to two things, what do I love and what am I passionate about. So, after a couple more glasses of rum and maybe some herbal inspiration it hit me. I love weed and porn. I am passionate about weed and porn. I made the decision to start two blogs, starting with the porn one and follow up with the weed one. Well, porn is a broad category. I needed to narrow my focus. Live webcam models seemed to be the perfect choice for me and maybe, if I’m lucky I can write off some of my private shows as research and training as a business expense. Probably not but a guy can dream.

After a quick web search I realized that the world probably didn’t need another blog about webcam girls. A bit frustrated I almost trashed the idea. Then I had my fuck it moment. The world may not need another blog on this topic but fuck it, this was a dream of mine for the last several hours and damn it I was not going to let my dream slip away. I didn’t want to rush into it and do a half assed job. I wanted to put some thought into it and publish the best blog ever. That brings us to now, 6 months later, I am just tossing something together and rushing to get it online. It ain’t pretty but hey, it’s up and I can improve as I go.

So I hope you enjoy. I plan on mixing things up a bit. Some weeks it will be a review of one of the lovely webcam girls, the next week it may be a funny story that could involve me, the model or another visitor or a combination. If I’m lucky, I hope to have an occasional interview with a model.



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